<p>there is a simple tool to help fight malnutrition</p>
<p>how many children you can reach</p>
<p>you are working in the humanitarian field</p>


There is simple tool to help fight malnutrition


Faster measures of children's height and weight in the field


No need to transport heavy, bulky and complicated material


An application so simple almost no formation is required


Immediate diagnosis and data available for health organizations

Measure Me

In the current era of technology we live in, there must be better ways to fight malnutrition

The problem

Malnutrition is still widespread in the world. Assessing the height and weight of children is essential to determine their nutritional status. It seems an easy task. In reality, it is challenging.

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The solution

What if we could estimate the height and weight of a child based on a picture taken from a smart phone? We propose to develop an easy, rapid, reliable and open solution.

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The team

We are a team of three highly motivated engineers aiming to make a difference and improve the lives of the most in need. We are luckily being advised by experts from many fields.

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